Sunday, March 08, 2015

RIP Eileen Cox, Guyana -- Tributes

The following comments were from a Stabroek News article announcing her death. I thought I'd save them for posterity, or at least make them more visible. Comments of the ordinary folk.
THANK YOU to all who have offered their condolences!
If you would like to write your own tribute, please do so in the comments. It's never too late...

  • This is a great loss to this country

    • Did I miss the block capital letters after her name? There have been many individuals who gave selfless service to various bodies and causes in Guyana. Too many have become unsung heroes.
      As a youngster, I knew the name of Eileen Cox as an advocate for Consumers' rights.
      I also grew up with the names of Eshri Singh and Ayube Hamid, etc (Radio Broadcasters) both of whom gave long years of service to entertain us with melodious Indian songs.
      What did we, all Indians, give back to them ? Nothing in return, nothing, nothing.

        • She was a good, decent woman.

            • Unlike you, who keep on defending a criminal and corrupt party!

                • This is a time to mourn not criticize anyone.Have some respect or just be quiet for once in your life.Damn.

                  • To yourself and natty, I never meant any insult to the deceased, however do you still have your fish rapped in newspaper? Strain your tea for grums? Siff your flour for roach legs and rat droppings? If so, so much for your consumer protection. What about expired products? Even the government was in the habit of giving out expired medication. I am a realistic person, I believe in calling a spade a spade!

                • I find your comment to be most appropriate. Contrast is a good vehicle to establish comparatives such as quality. A characteristic completely lacking in the government camp. Give them hell Saggainncayman. Attempts to stiffle your barbs are a sure sign they are causing severe discomfort.

                  • There is no hope for u. R.I.P. to this woman.

                  • She co-wrote a booklet with the the Womems' Revolutionary Socialist Movement, that, during the starvation period of Guyana under the PNC administration, pumpkin leaves should be CONSUMED to keep alive in Guyana. The Booklet is still at the library of the Ministry of Agriculture, and must be at the archives of the PNC. Great justification.

                  • RIP Eileen
                    You had a good inning

                  • A life well-lived at a time when women were relegated to the mundane and insignificant. A true pioneer. How many can remember when marriage was the death knell for a woman's career in the "civil" service? Just imagine our most accomplished achievers in many cases were doomed to childlesness and spinsterhood while those blessed with no talent or uneducated were free to multiply like rabbits. Rest in peace Mrs Eileen Cox. Thanks for your contributions in making Guyana a more egalitarian place.

                    • Very well stated, except for the part where you dismissed an entire category of women that were never given a chance. Many of your so called "talentless" and "uneducated", self-taught themselves even while running a side business and nurturing your current generation of doctors, lawyers and leaders.
                      Rest in Peace true Guyanese pioneer!

                      • Ms Eileen Cox was a disciplined, brilliant, decent, competent and BRAVE Guyanese woman. Condolences to her relatives and friends. RiP.


                          • Thanks for your advocacy, Eileen. RIP.

                              • Thank you Eilene for being there for us all.
                                We are forever indebted to you because you stood up for the weak and poor.
                                Enter God's door oh brave and passionate one
                                You gave us all the strength to demand that we not accept mediocre, but value our sweat.
                                We love you Eileen, you did us all proud, now it's your chance to dance with the angels.
                                God bless you oh brave and passionate soul.

                                • Great Lady,Great Patriot,Great Mother,Daughter,Sister,Friend of Guyana,RIP,True Guyanese,,,proved her Love 4 Country and fellow Guyanese..

                                • RIP sister your work will always be remember by many Guyanese my sympathy to the family.