Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Making of Demerara Gold

Albion Estate: From Field to Factory

This is the former Campbell Plantation, the home of Jock Cambell. For the time being, just a collection of photos taken in November 2012. It's about time I published them!

Staff Living Quarters

 Albion Estate Guest House

Guest House Cook!

This 90-something lady used to work in the fields back in colonial days. She's now retired (of course!) and well looked after by her family.

On the canefields: mechanics repairing a tractor.

The punts.

There are two kinds of canals; drainage and transport. You can see them both here:

 And here:

Transport bus for sugar workers.

Going home; it's been a hard day's night.

On the field:

Punts on their way to the factory:

The Lab: