Monday, June 16, 2014

LIES at Poznan: a Writerly Weekend in Poland, Part II

After all that walking we drove to Liliana's home, which she shares with her husband and nine cats. One of those cats actually believes she is paper, as you can see here:
Cat, pretending to be Paper
Liliana has the most magnificent personal library I have ever seen anywhere. The room takes up almost half of the upper story of her beautiful home, and three if the walls are like this:

Liliana's magnificent library -- wall one, with Marta

Liliana's magnificent library: Wall Two, with me signing books
Liliana's magnificent library: Wall Three, with Husband

A study to die for...

Library, with Ladder

After signing books we all went down for a delicious dinner, and I signed the guest book. I was honoured to write a few words before comments by Pauline Melville (possibly the most well-known Guyanese author, having won the Whitbread Prize) and David Dabydeen.


The next morning was the LIES conference.

I spoke a few words....

And then, the last supper at another trendy (and fabulous!) Poznan restaurant.

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