Sunday, December 27, 2015

Reviews: Musings Straight From the Heart

A couple of reviews in India. 

This one is from the blog Reviews and Musings, by Privy Trifles (Namrata)

The story is beautiful with such vivid descriptions that it makes you travel along from one continent to another with the characters. I enjoyed the beauty of the language the most, it is so enticing that it was simply thrilling to keep reading it. I enjoy such novels a lot, light on language, heavy on plot and emotions making it a perfectly enjoyable read on every page. From the pre-independence to the post independence era the detailing is very well described which speaks volumes about the author's research behind this book. 

Every page is so well narrated that you want to keep turning page after page to know the secrets hidden behind the whole plot. I stayed awake in the night just to know what happened because the excitement was just too much to contain.
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This is from the Blog Straight from the Heart, by Arti Honrao:

Cover of the book is what helps the reader to decide whether to pick up the book to read or not. When I opened the package and looked at the cover; I knew my decision to review this book was right and I was going to enjoy reading it. For me, the woman on the cover was a strong woman; a woman who has been through a lot in life and has her own secrets. The synopsis mentions two names 'Savitri' & 'Saroj' but as I read the book I could identify the woman on the cover to be 'Savitri'.  Read more

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